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‘I was blown away by the Switch Thinking workshop. Ken’s methods will help us supercharge our creativity and productivity. I was excited by the simple solutions that helped to bring out everyone’s unique ideas – quickly.’

Advertising Agency CEO.

Switch Thinking is a super skill that can help individuals, groups and teams be be more engaged and energised.

You can book Dr Ken Hudson to help you 1 to 1 or with a group or team.

These can be in person or via zoom (or any combination)

Indicative Fees for a Switch Thinking Keynote, Workshop, Session or Course:

– 1 Hour Coaching Session $400 plus gst

– Half day group or team workshop $2000 plus gst

– Full Day (or Keynote) $3000 plus gst

“The blend of both switch thinking and speed thinking worked a treat. You took our team out of their comfort zone in terms of having to think differently and challenge themselves.”

Human Resources Director, International Brand

Check out the 6 Switches Canvas. It’s simple, practical and free.