About Switch Thinking 

Most of us are using old tools to solve new problems. .

This does not work anymore.

It’s why I developed Switch Thinking.

It’s a fast, simple and practical 5 step process to help you develop new, innovative ideas and solutions.

All you need are one or more of the 6 Switches and a few Prompts. 

What’s more you can use Switch Thinking with humans or co-create with AI.

Free Switch Thinking Canvas.


About Dr Ken Hudson

My PhD thesis was ‘Designing a continuously creative organisation’ (UWS) as well as a MBA (UNE) and B.Bus (UTS).

I have written 3 internationally released books on Speed Thinking, Idea Generation & Problem Solving.

In a previous life I held senior marketing positions at American Express, Citibank and Dunlop Slazenger.

And for over 10 years I also taught part-time at The University of Technology, Sydney.

I have worked with Adidas, Baxter Health Care, DuPont, Westfield Group, Roche, Suzanne Grae to name a few and designed courses for The Marketing Institute of Singapore, China Institute of Innovation and the Australian Institute of Management.

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Dr Ken Hudson has written 3 internationally released books. Here they are.

Check out the 6 Switches Canvas. It’s simple, practical and free.