How ChatGPT can improve your brainstorming results

Brainstorming has been around for over 70 years.

It can be a powerful tool for groups and teams to generate new ideas.

But it does have some problems such as Group Think, the extroverts can dominate, social evaluation and people loafing.

There are also practical issues such as you need a group, people need to be free and it does take time.

So how can you make brainstorming sessions more effective, quicker and engaging?

Great question.

Perhaps the new predictive AI concepts such as ChatGPT can provide the answer.

Now for the first time any individual, group or team can work in a more creative way with a machine.

Here are 5 suggestions how the human and AI brainstorming interface might work.

These are suggestions only as there is no right or wrong way to do this.

1.Send the challenge out beforehand and encourage participants to ask ChatGPT for a few ideas (then have humans discuss.

2. Break the challenge up into smaller parts (e.g. customer experience vs revenue impact) and have the humans ask ChatGPT for a few ideas on each of these then discuss with the group.

3. Work in micro groups (or 2 or 3) and ask ChatGPT say 3 interesting questions about the challenge then come back and discuss its answers in the bigger group

4. Develop a few ideas then ask ChatGPT to develop a new ad for each one or perhaps an advertising headline. Then humans discuss.

5. Run a purely human brainstorming session and come up with a few ideas and have ChatGPT evaluate these.

Then run a (mostly) ChatGPT session and have the humans evaluate.

Then try and compare, contrast and connect the ideas.

We really are at a new stage of creative development and performance.

Google helped humans with information storing, sorting and access.

ChatGPT can now help (it seems) humans realise their full creative potential.


Photo by ilgmyzin on Unsplash

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