How to create AE – Amazing Experiences

I believe we are entering a new era, an amazing one.

In fact, amazing is now the ultimate consumer and employee response.

My proposition is ‘that’s amazing’ has to be the ambition of every HR, talent, team or marketing leader.

To put it bluntly, an organization’s culture has to be amazing or people will leave.

The only business you are in now is – ‘The Amazing Business’.

You have to compare your amazing customer and employee experience to others.

Because that’s what customers, consumers and team members do.

You need to decide to become amazing.

There’s no choice really.

Do you have an amazing gap?

This gap is the difference between what your customers, partners, suppliers and employee’s expect. And what you are delivering.

If the gap is as wide as the Grand Canyon you will be disrupted. If you don’t then congratulations. You are safe for now.

But customer and employee expectations are dynamic.

What was amazing last week, month or season is not so amazing today.

It’s why business today is so challenging  and exciting.

You have to be continually looking for ways to be amazing.

  1. How to do you create AE – amazing experiences?

To consistently achieve this consists of addressing four challenges.

1.Wouldn’t it be amazing if…

2.Wouldn’t it be amazing to…

3.What is your group or team amazing at?

4.Who is amazing at this?

Let’s deal with these in turn.

  1. Wouldn’t it be amazing if…

It’s a great challenge.

Starting a challenge with ‘wouldn’t it be amazing’ can unlock new ideas and opportunities in your group or team.

For example, wouldn’t it be amazing if:

-You only had to complete one application form ever again

-You never had to wait in a line again…

These thought-provoking challenges such as ‘wouldn’t it be amazing if’ can disrupt prevailing beliefs and help a team to think outside the box.

  1. Wouldn’t it be amazing to…

It’s another great challenge.

But this one asks you and your team for an action or change in behaviour.

For example, wouldn’t it be amazing to:

-Regularly meet interesting people

-Find the time to read a new book every week

-Make every meeting or presentation a memorable experience

This challenge is all about inspiring your team to do, test or experiment rather than just thinking in an amazing way.

  1. What is your group or team amazing at?

Everyone is amazing at something. I love to design tools that can help people solve problems and generate new ideas. People say these tools are amazing.

What are you amazing at? What is your group or team amazing at?

What is your brand or business amazing at?

Now how can you leverage your amazing capabilities to create better employee experiences and/or new growth opportunities?

  1. Who is amazing at this?

The world of amazing is now available to you and your team (and to your competitors as well).

This means that if you have a problem or issue you can search for people, brands or organisations that are amazing at what they do that might be able to help you.

Lost with social media for example? Study the guys from TikTok for example.

Your business is not growing fast enough? Seek out an entrepreneur who has created and built a business in record time.

They will often appreciate being asked.

And you will be able to learn, borrow or adapt their amazing ideas.

In summary:

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. It’s the future.

But let’s also think about AE – Amazing Experiences.

By striving to create and maintain amazing experiences your customers and employees will reward you with their time, attention and energy.

AE is the new formula for success in a world where others are aiming for last year plus 3%.

Why settle for this when you can switch your thinking  and develop amazing ideas, experiences and opportunities?

Check out the 6 Switches Canvas. It’s simple, practical and free.