Switch your perspective to unleash your creativity

Cup of coffee, Photo by Alex Gudino on Unsplash

My breakthrough approach to developing your creative muscle is to think about it as a switch.

A switch you can turn on or off – on demand.

Much like a light switch for example.

This analogy is a simple, powerful way to unleash your creative energy.

All you (and your group or team) need is a thinking switch.

There are 6 in the Switch Thinking System.

One switch is perspective.

Being more creative often relies on switching your perspective.

For example:

Here is how I am looking at this problem.


How do your customers, clients or consumers view this issue?


What about your partners or suppliers? How might they see this situation?


How would Richard Branson solve this problem?

The important point is that there is no right or wrong perspective to use to solve a problem or generate new ideas.

The key point is to learn the habit of switching.

You will never get stuck again.


Photo by Alex Gudino on Unsplash

Check out the 6 Switches Canvas. It’s simple, practical and free.