What is Creative Mode?

Switch Thinking is the ability to switch between your (and others) efficient mode of thinking and a creative mode.

And like any switch you can can move back and forth between your efficient and creative modes when you need to.

Think of a light switch.

You can switch your lights in a room on or off.

Now have a similar image in your mind.

What if you could switch off your efficient mode of thinking (that you use most of the time) and switch on your creative mode.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Imagine being able to switch to your creative mode – on demand.

In this mode you can quickly generate new ideas, solutions or experiences for example.

Or help others to get unstuck e.g. what happens if you overturn one of your assumptions (i.e. Switch the Rules).

Or provide richer feedback so you can enhance an idea or solution e.g. have you thought about the users perspective in this idea? (i.e. Switch Perspective).

Switching to creative mode does not have to take a long time.

You can be in efficient mode as you gather information or interrogate some data or research for example.

Then you or your team might switch to creative mode for a few minutes to generate some new insights, ideas or opportunities.

Then switch back to efficient mode to analyse your initial ideas.

What is Creative Mode?

It’s a way of thinking which aims to:

  • Escape the efficient mode and/or
  • Explore new modes of thinking, feeling or doing

Let’s take these one at a time.

Sometimes it’s just enough to disrupt the efficient mode and as a result new ideas emerge.

For example: What are some 1% better ideas?


What are some ideas that will make a 100% difference?

In this case I have switched the outcome (i.e. one of the 6 switches).

But notice that by switching from 1% to 100% automatically means that you cannot stay in efficient mode.

You have to think differently.

Your usual or habitual way of thinking has been disrupted.

Another way of expressing this is that you have escaped from (your often) self-imposed limits and generated a new, bigger solution space.

Being in creative mode also means that you proactively explore or are open to new ideas, solutions etc.

For example, you could go and talk to some clients or customers asking them about what is happening in their lives and how you could help.

In this way you are searching for new possibilities and opportunities.

This is a contrast to the usual way of thinking about creativity which in many cases (in my view) is too reactive and random e.g. waiting in a shower for an aha moment to emerge.

Creative Mode is simply a way of thinking that can be learned and applied at an individual and collective level.

I think the idea is a powerful one because the focus is on a mode of thinking that is available to all rather than the focus being on the special, individual creative genius.


Check out the 6 Switches Canvas. It’s simple, practical and free.