Who will benefit from Switch Thinking?

Energetic person

Switch Thinking is ideal for those individuals who:

– Feel stuck

– Want to challenge the status quo

– Realise their ideas or solutions are stale

– Are looking for a new way to grow their business or themselves

– Perhaps feel a bit low in energy

– Want to reinvent themselves or their career

– Are looking to rebuild their creative confidence

– Want to think on their feet in a presentation or interview for example

– Might run their own business or are thinking of starting one

– Want to make a bigger difference – in shorter time

– Are already displaying their creativity on social media for example but want to supercharge their content

Whatever your role, position or title, Switch Thinking can help you to switch on your creativity – instantly.

Switch Thinking is also designed for those groups & teams who:

And Switch Thinking is also written for those groups and teams who might be facing any of these situations and need to switch on their creativity.

– Progress has stalled on a key project

– Customers or consumers are bored

– Competitors have leaped ahead

– Brainstorming, huddles and problem solving sessions are tired, lack energy and fail to generate anything new

And lastly Switch Thinking is for those people who want to switch on the creativity in others.

These might include team leaders, teachers, facilitators, coaches and trainers who are looking for simple, practical ways to unlock the creativity in others.

Check out the 6 Switches Canvas. It’s simple, practical and free.