Why everyone is in the creating business

I read a post this morning that outlined a few ways that people working in the creative industries could generate some new ideas.

This made me think.

Is this framing too narrow?

Rather than think about the creative industries (as though other industries are not creative), why not ponder the idea that every industry is creative.

Or another way of describing the environment today and tomorrow is that everyone is in the creating business.


All regular, routine process work will be done by AI. This means that increasingly all other generative type work will need to be done by humans (at least for the time being until AI catches up).

Let’s consider the idea that everyone is in the creating business.

Notice I am using a verb ‘creating’ because it’s not just a once off project that needs greater creativity.

Everything needs creating (or certainly re-creating).

We need to:

  • create new ideas
  • create new ways of working
  • create our careers
  • create new solutions to current and future problems
  • create new content
  • create new customer experiences
  • create new sources of revenue
  • create new businesses and business models

And this is a continuous process.


Because everything can be copied.

And the barriers to entry are so low. For example a friend’s daughter is thinking of setting up a new podcast and with an investment of a few hundred dollars and some time and energy she is about to launch.

This is an exciting and challenging time because the status quo or business as usual will not work anymore.

Let’s restate my proposition – every individual, group and team is in the creating business.

This also means that artificial boundaries between so called creative people, teams and industries are a thing of the past.

What are you creating?

It does not have to be big. It could be a new way to get your kids off to school for example.

The important point is that you are creating something new or different.

You have entered the creating age.

It means that everything you have previously taken for granted is up for grabs. Working 5 days a week, 9 to 5 for example seems almost old fashioned.

To play in the creating age you will need new skills and tools.

My switch thinking approach for example is an easy and simple way to help you and your team to create.

Are you ready for the creating age?

Check out the 6 Switches Canvas. It’s simple, practical and free.