Why not solve everyday problems in real time?

You’re in a team meeting, chat room or using Google Docs and an everyday problem comes up.
What do you do?
You can call another meeting later and sort it out. But this takes extra time, energy and resources.
You can try and solve the problem in real time, then and there.

All you need is someone in the group or team to suggest a switch of thinking.
For example,
Rather that defining the problem in rational language what happens if we switch to emotional language? (e.g. frustrate, love, scared, anxious).
Rather than starting with the technology lets switch and start with the customer problem or need?

All you need is to signal to the group that you want to switch the team’s thinking by using one of the 6 Switches.

These are:



– Outcome

– Focus

– Questions

– Rules

The problem owner will thank you for helping them move forward in solving a problem in real time. It’s like a mini, quick brainstorming session.

It’s important to note that the problem owner still owns the problem in this interaction.

And the group will become more productive and energisied.

Check out the 6 Switches Canvas. It’s simple, practical and free.