Prompts to help you switch your thinking

The Switch Thinking Tool kit consists of 6 Switches, a Canvas and a range of prompts.

The prompts as the name suggests are a way to help you get started and help you switch your thinking.

For example, if the Switch was Perspective a prompt might be:

What’s the business perspective?


What’s the customer perspective?

A key point:

There is no right or wrong way to use these prompts.

In fact, you may not need these at all.

Or you could make up your own prompts.

The role of a prompt is simply to help you switch your thinking.

You can obtain a range of 3 prompts per switch by downloading the Switch Thinking Canvas.

In the Switch Thinking Card Pack (being developed) there will be 54 prompts (i.e. 9 prompts per switch).

A real life example:

In the example pictured above the Switch is Outcome and the prompt is:

What’s possible?


What’s impossible?

After we discussed this prompt a participant at a Switch Thinking course commented that this one slide had a profound influence on his thinking.

As an engineer he had only considered what was probable then what’s possible.

He found the idea of considering what’s impossible a mind-expanding prompt.

The other aspect of the what’s impossible prompt is that due to the pace of technology what was once considered impossible yesterday can become common place.

Who would have thought of a phone as a fashion item or as a camera or as a shopping device 15 years ago?

Check out the 6 Switches Canvas. It’s simple, practical and free.