How leaders can encourage their team to move out of their comfort zone

If you are a leader how do you encourage your team to move out of their comfort zone?

We intuitively know that being slightly uncomfortable can feel risky but it is where new ideas, learning and growth emerge.

But our comfort zone is well – comfortable.

Thinking, feeling and doing in this zone has often worked in the past, it’s usually efficient and can become habitual.

This is my suggestion (based on my Switch Thinking courses and workshops) of what to do.

Start using the word Switch.

For example:
‘I understand your perspective but what if we switched and looked at the situation from a user point of view for a few minutes? What happens?’

‘Your solution strikes me as more of a win – lose; what if we switched to a win – win; what might that look like?’

‘It makes sense to focus on what is not working but why don’t we switch to what is working well and how to leverage this?’

‘What is a key assumption you have made. What happens if we switch it?’

Switch is an invitation to explore, to move ever so slightly into an uncomfortable space.

The good news is that you can always switch back again.

Although my experience with managers and leaders is they rarely do.

Switch is easy, simple and a practical way for leaders to encourage their team to move out of their comfort zone.

Check out the 6 Switches Canvas. It’s simple, practical and free.