How to switch on your creativity

Imagine being able to switch on your creativity exactly when you needed it.

It could be in an interview or presentation when you are asked a tricky question.

Or it could be when your group or team is stuck for example.

Or you need to help a client with a tough problem.

Imagine being able to switch on your creativity much like turning on a light for example.

And it was as simple and easy to do as a light switch.

And what’s more the result was instant.

Now that would be interesting.

No more waiting around for the next brainstorming session or a sudden insight in the shower for example.

When you have a need or problem you can switch on your creativity.

And just like that you can generate a big, new idea, solution or opportunity as if like magic!

Or help someone else get unstuck.

Or transform an initial sketchy idea into a valuable, powerful solution or concept.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Can you imagine this super power?

Being able to switch on your creativity – on demand!

But how?

Consider this idea.

We have two modes of thinking.

I call the usual way – Box Mode

It’s your default, habitual way of solving a problem, making a decision or generating an idea.

It’s quick, efficient and worked in the past.

This mode is often rational, logical and involves analysis, planning, logic and reason.

Box Mode as the name implies is also comfortable, stable and structured.

It is the ideal mode to use when you are evaluating a new idea or developing a plan to test a new approach.

But sometimes you can get stuck in this box.

It can limit your world of possibilities and options.


We need another Mode of Thinking to complement Box Mode.

I call this Ball Mode.

As the name implies Ball Mode is fun, playful and imaginative.

Being in Ball Mode is active.

You can bounce a ball, throw and catch it.

A ball is wonderful to play with in any aged group.

But trying to stand on a ball for example can make you feel unsteady.

The experience can be slightly uncomfortable.

Being in this mode also involves slightly more risk for example.

But it brings a smile to your face and you feel more energised.

It’s how you can switch on your creativity – in an instant!

Just allow yourself to switch to ball mode.

To illustrate this switch I often carry around what i call a Switch Ball.

With a ball most people smile, their body language changes, they become more relaxed.

Which often means they can switch on their creativity.

When they need to.

Have you got the two modes of thinking?

Not good or bad.

Just two different modes of thinking.

The good news is that you can switch back and forth between the two modes depending on the need, situation or stage in a problem solving process.

And its about the mode your in not the person.


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