Supercharge your creativity with Switch Thinking & AI

A few years ago I developed a new concept which I call Switch Thinking.

It’s based on an insight watching bilingual people change from one language to another depending on the situation and need.

Being bilingual is an impressive skill (I am not) but that is the point – it’s a skill.

If you think about it this way then this skill can be learnt, practiced and improved.

I thought that if you could learn how to switch your language perhaps you could learn how to switch your thinking.

With this challenge in mind I developed a Switch Thinking System which consists of: 6 Switches, a series of Prompts, a Canvas and a 5 Step Process.

I have taught hundreds of managers and leaders the simple, practical and energising System with powerful results.

As the founder of a mid-size agency commented on LinkedIn recently:

“I was blown away by the Switch Thinking workshop. Ken’s methods will help us super-charge our creatively and productivity. I was excited by the ‘simple’ solutions that helped to bring out everyone’s unique ideas – quickly.”

I mention this to give context to the rest of this post.

Switch Thinking works with humans to unlock their creativity – quickly.

I wondered whether it could also work with AI?

The answer seems to be a resounding yes.

I have found that you can supercharge your creativity with Switch Thinking and AI.

What’s more it is fun, surprising and enjoyable.

The good news is that it can be used by individuals, groups and teams anytime, anywhere, on most challenges.

Here is a use case:

For example:

I came up with this Prompt (i.e challenge) for ChatGPT:

How to encourage teenage girls to keep playing sport?

Background (which I also gave Chat):
A 2019 Australian Youth Confidence Report uncovered that by age 17, 50% of girls had dropped out of sport entirely, despite two-thirds acknowledging that sport can make them feel more confident. It has also been found that by age 14, many girls are dropping out of sports at two times the rate of boys.’

Can you generate 5 ideas?

This is the Start Step in the Switch Thinking 5 step process.

The start is the usual ideas based on what has worked in the past.

And start as the name suggests is a way to encourage you to move forward, don’t procrastinate and start searching for a solution.

Chat came up with these ideas:

a. Game Changer App: Develop a mobile app that turns sports into engaging games, encouraging friendly competition among teenage girls.

b. Mentorship Programs: Establish mentorship programs where experienced female athletes or coaches connect with teenage girls.

c. Customizable Sports Experience: Create flexible sports programs allowing girls to explore and choose activities based on their interests.

d. Social Media Campaigns: Launch social media campaigns featuring relatable stories and successes of teenage girls in sports.

e. Inclusive Sports Events: Organize inclusive sports events that focus on participation rather than competition.

As you can see these are all sensible and doable ideas.

But I wanted to stretch ChatGPT and my thinking.

Notice how my thinking is now switching back and forth between human and AI.

The next step in the Switch Thinking process is to Switch.

The Switch Thinking System is built around 6 Switches.

These are:

– Switch Perspective

– Switch the Problem

– Switch the Outcome

– Switch the Focus

– Switch the Questions and

– Switch the Rules (i.e. assumptions, beliefs, conventions)

In previous prompts and interactions i had discussed the 6 Switches and given some example.

I then asked ChatGPT:

Could you select one of the 6 Switches at random and generate 5 new ideas;

Chat used Switch the Focus.

It then came back with the following ideas:

a.Mindful Movement Sessions: Shift the focus from competitive sports to mindful movement sessions that combine elements of yoga, dance, and relaxation.

b.Wellness Workshops: Redirect the focus towards holistic well-being by organizing wellness workshops. Cover topics like nutrition, mental health, and self-care alongside sports-related activities.

c.Community Engagement Projects: Change the focus to community engagement through sports-related projects.

d.Virtual Fitness Challenges: Pivot the focus to virtual fitness challenges that allow girls to participate from the comfort of their homes.

e.Art and Sports Fusion Events: Combine the focus on art and sports by organizing fusion events.

As you see these ideas are different, unexpected, fun and imaginative.

in a real sense, ChatGPT and myself had supercharged our collective creativity.

Both human and AI had been pushed to generate ideas that neither of us would have generated by the use of Switch Thinking.

In other posts i can outline the remaining 3 steps in the 5 step process (i.e. connect, evaluate and test).

But for now we are only scratching the service of what humans and AI can create together.

All we need is a way to do this which is where Switch Thinking can help.



Check out the 6 Switches Canvas. It’s simple, practical and free.