To be creative you just need to switch

Sometimes we get stuck for a new idea.

Here’s why.

We form thinking patterns based on our past experiences.

These patterns are our assumptions, beliefs, expectations and attitudes.

They inform our ideas, solutions, actions and to some extent our feelings.

These thinking patterns are efficient, quick and automatic.

They become comfortable, easy and are our default way of thinking.

But these patterns over time can become more rigid.

This does not present a problem if there are no changes.

But if you want to change a result or the environment changes you need to think differently.

In short, if you want to be creative you need to switch your thinking.

Being able to switch your thinking is not simply a matter of thinking harder or longer.

Nor is it a matter of waiting for a new idea to emerge in the shower or on a walk.

Although these moments are often amazing they tend to be reactive, slow and random.

Q. If you need to be creative right now, what do you do?

A. You need to switch your thinking.

The easiest way to do this is by a tool I call Switch Thinking.

It consists of 6 Switches, a canvas and a series of prompts.

The 6 Switches are:
– Perspective
– Problem
– Outcome
– Focus
– Questions and
– Rules

The role of the switches is to help you switch your thinking from your usual to a different thinking pattern.

For example:
You could look at a situation from a business point of view (e.g. how do we make more money)

Switch (perspective)

Or you could look at the same situation from a customers perspective (e.g. I am unsure what to do).

By switching your perspective (i.e. one of the 6 switches) you have moved to a different thought pattern thus potentially opening up a new range of possibilities.

Being able to switch your thinking enhances your creativity, energy and flexibility in adapting to a changing world.

It’s the ultimate future skill for team leaders, managers, coaches, facilitators, teachers and students.

The good news is that being able to switch your thinking is simple, fun and easy to do.

Check out the 6 Switches Canvas. It’s simple, practical and free.