Switch Thinking Prompts

Switch Thinking is the ability (as the name implies) to switch from your usual or default way of thinking to a different way.

To help you make this leap to a different way of thinking there are are 6 switches.

These are:

  • Switch the Problem
  • Switch Perspective
  • Switch the Outcome
  • Switch the Focus
  • Switch the Questions and
  • Switch the Rules

The are called the 6 Switches.

In the Switch Thinking System there is also a number of prompts for each switch.

These are suggestions only but the purpose of these is to give your thinking a little nudge.

Sometimes with an example it can free up our mind to new possibilities.

For example:

If i selected the Focus Switch.

Remember there is no right or wrong switch.

I can show you a situation like the picture above and ask you:

what are the facts in this situation?


How are people feeling?

Notice it’s the same picture or situation.

I have just asked you to focus on something different.

By doing so you can escape your usual way of thinking and create something different.

I call these Switch Thinking Prompts.

In this website I will give you a number of examples from each switch to help you get unstuck, generate new ideas and solutions, boost your energy and you will become a more flexible, creative thinker.

Check out the 6 Switches Canvas. It’s simple, practical and free.