Thinking as a skill

We used to believe that intelligence is the same as thinking.

But it is not. To use an analogy – intelligence is our brain’s hardware and thinking is our software.

As such it can be updated and improved.

Many people also believe that our thinking is fixed.

Again this is not the case.

An empowering way to think about thinking is as a skill.

A skill like any other (e.g. playing soccer, driving a car) that can be improved with practice, the right tools and a little bit of encouragement.

In a recent Switch Thinking course I ran I gave participants a benchmark survey before and after the course.

The biggest positive switch in their own thinking was in the statement – thinking is a skill.

Thinking as a skill also means that you can potentially improve your entire life. There is no end point like playing tennis for example where your physical limitations can limit your game as you age.

The other consideration is that there are different types of thinking skills – all of which can be developed.

You could be great at generating new ideas but struggle with evaluating them. Or your most advanced skill could be in enhancing the ideas of others –  a much needed skill when working in groups and teams.

To develop your thinking skills also requires a simple, easy tool kit. It’s not enough to say to people go and think creatively if you do not give them a way to do this.

It’s why I developed Switch Thinking as a way to develop the creative, flexible and collaborative thinking skills of every individual, group and team.

Simply believing that you can develop your thinking skills is a powerful, life affirming idea.

Download the 6 Switches canvas and start practicing your Switch Thinking skills – today.

Check out the 6 Switches Canvas. It’s simple, practical and free.