The Switch Thinking Principles

Switch Thinking is a tool kit that enables you to think differently – on demand.

The tool kit consists of a canvas, 6 switches and a series of prompts.

These are the structure of switch thinking.

But as important are the principles of switch thinking. These form the heart of this new approach.

The Switch Thinking Principles are:

The goal of Switch Thinking is to help individuals, groups & teams to escape their usual thinking pattern and switch to a different one.

Switch Thinking is a fun, playful and safe journey of discovery.

– Switching to a different way of thinking increases your odds of generating a different (often better) result.

Most aspects of a situation are more fluid than we believe (i.e. can be switched).

Switch thinking is a skill, process and tool kit that anyone can use, anywhere, any time.

– There is no right or wrong way to switch.

– Switch Thinking is not dependent on IQ, previous experience or qualifications.

These are the principles that guide all my course and workshops.

Check out the 6 Switches Canvas. It’s simple, practical and free.