The Switch Thinking Card Pack

I am very excited to announce that we have developed the first edition of the Switch Thinking Card Pack.

It’s a fun, easy and playful way to stimulate your switch thinking muscle.

The pack consists of the 6 Switches (i.e. perspective, problem, outcome, focus, questions and rules).

Each of the switches contains 9 prompts.

Hence there are 54 playing cards containing a switch thinking prompt.

Each card contains a ‘From Box’ (i.e. usual thinking) and a ‘To Ball’ (i.e. a different way of thinking).

For example, here is one card selected at random:

From: Outline the problem using as much jargon as you can

To: Define the problem in a way a child could understand. What emerges?

The Switch Thinking playing cards can be used by an individual, group or team.

For example;

You could select a card (i.e. prompt) at random and use this to think differently about a problem, opportunity or situation. And/or

You could have each member of the group or team select a card and they work on a challenge for a few minutes then come together and discuss their results. And/or

You could methodically work your way through each of the switches.

There is no right or wrong way to use the cards.

They are not numbered because each card or prompt is as valuable as any other.

The goal is to help you switch from your usual or default way of thinking to a different pattern hence opening your mind to new ideas, solutions or opportunities.

Let me know if you would like the cards.



Check out the 6 Switches Canvas. It’s simple, practical and free.