Why learn Switch Thinking?

Before every Switch Thinking Course or workshop I try and ask people why they have attended this session.

Time is precious so i am always curious why people have chosen to learn more about Switch Thinking.

To my surprise one of the most popular reasons is ‘it just sounds interesting. I could go to any course for example and this sounds new and different.’

And indeed it is.

What I take from this response is that in an ever-changing, more complex and chaotic world, the old standard courses or workshops just don’t have the same appeal.

People are looking for a fresh idea.

Managers and leaders are looking for a new way to adapt to these changes.

And the name Switch Thinking suggests a way to break free of tired old patterns.

So what other reason do people attend Switch Thinking workshops or courses?

There are people who are looking for ways to think outside the box.

They tell me that the traditional ways to Brainstorm for example take too long and require too much effort.

They are looking for a an easier, simpler way to generate new ideas they can use every day.

A related reason is that other participants are tired of Design Thinking.

Whilst this is a powerful idea it can be complex, expensive and takes a large amount of people, time and effort.

Switch Thinking, leaders tell me offers a tool kit they can use with their team immediately, on any type of problem.

Other people mention that they feel stuck in their thinking.

They are looking for a way to get unstuck easily and simply.

Switch Thinking does offer a way to escape past, often rigid thinking patterns.

It gives people a quick and easy way to ‘think on your feet’ in those key presentations, meetings and interviews for example.

This means they are better equiped to adapt to unexpected change.

Other individuals are just interested in what one person said yesterday ‘I want to expand my mind.’

These attendees are just interested in lifelong learning and realising their full potential.

I have the greatest respect for these people.

Switch Thinking represents something quite new that can stretch them and take them out of their comfort zone.

They realise that this is the space where learning and growth occurs.

There are two other groups that are interested in Switch Thinking.

  1. Team Leaders, Coaches & Change Managers

Leaders and Coaches are looking for new ways to empower and energise their team.

They are looking for a tool kit they can use to unlock the creativity in their group or team.

They are also looking for some new concepts, tools and language to talk to their team in those important leadership and coaching moments.

2. Facilitators and trainers

The second group are looking for the latest tool kit to energise a large group of people.

Switch Thinking gives them numerous Switches, Prompts and a Canvas for people to work through a problem in a new and energising ways.

It’s no surprise to me that many of the people in these groups are most interested in empowering their people. 

Asking people for example, to be more creative or innovative whilst sounding positive is not that helpful if you do not show people how to do it.

In a new world, we need a new approach.

Switch Thinking is one such approach.





Check out the 6 Switches Canvas. It’s simple, practical and free.