When do we need to switch our thinking?

Individuals, groups and teams all need to switch our thinking from time to time.

I could use the expression change your thinking but switch is a more empowering description.

It implies that you can switch your thinking when you need to (like gears in a bike).

And with a switch you can also go back to your current ideas, solutions or opportunities.

Or connect your initial ideas to your new (switch) ones and develop an even better solution.

There are many times when you need to switch your thinking.

Some of these are:

– The situation has changed (e.g. resources, priorities)

– What worked in the past does not work anymore

– The group or team feels stuck

– Progress and growth has stalled

– Your team’s ideas and solutions are tired

– Customers or clients are bored. You can also add in employees, retailers, partners etc.

– The competition is making inroads

– Energy in the group slumps

–  Your team’s ideas and solutions are tired

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